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Man arrested again for manufacturing meth | Crime

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Man arrested again for manufacturing meth

Dunnellon, Florida -- A Dunnellon man was arrested Thursday for making methamphetamine at a home he shared with his girlfriend and a 16-year-old child.

On July 11, deputies were notified about a complaint received by the Department of Children and Families that Sean Kinney and his girlfriend, Cynthia Cummings, were manufacturing and using methamphetamine. Kinney was already on felony probation for manufacturing meth.

When deputies arrived at the home in the 4500 block of E. Scott Lane to investigate the claim, they made contact with Kinney's girlfriend, Cynthia, and her 16-year-old child. She told the deputies they had just missed Kinney who left to go to a probation group meeting.

Cummings let the deputies to look around the yard as well as the common areas of the house. During a search, they found a burn pile by the house with remnants from methamphetamine manufacturing that included a burnt cold pack container, burnt lithium battery casings which had the lithium removed from them, remnants of a plastic container with remnants of the actual binder from the one pot cook.

When they asked Cummings about what they had found, she told them she didn't know anything about the manufacturing of meth. At the same time, deputies reached Kinney on the phone and told him to come back to the house.

During a taped interview with Kinney, he reportedly told them he had been doing "a lot better" since his previous arrest, however, he had manufactured meth at the home on two or three occasions. He said during those cooks, the 16-year-old girl was not at the home at the time. He said the only chemicals in the home was a container of lye and some miscellaneous lithium batteries and all of the remnants from the cooks were burned in the burn pile.

When deputies asked about his drug use, he reportedly admitted that since being on probation he used meth about five times. When asked where the Sudafed used in the manufacturing came from, he did not give a clear answer, but it could have possibly come from an associate of Cummings. 

In an interview with deputies, Cummings told them she didn't know anything about Kinney making meth but had her suspicions. She did reportedly admit to using meth frequently by shooting it in syringes and smoking it, and that the last time she used was the night before. She then turned over a meth pipe she had in her bedroom.

Kinney was arrested and charged with manufacturing/possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell and violation of probation. He is currently being held on $100,000 bond.

The 16-year-old girl was removed from the home by DCF. It is not known if Cummings was arrested and charged.