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Going Green in Inverness | Environment

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Going Green in Inverness
Going Green in Inverness

While green may be one of the more common colors during the holiday season, the City of Inverness is Going Green all year round. 

New solar-powered compacting stations, as pictured here, were recently placed downtown.  The stations accommodate bottles, cans and paper recyclables on one side, and non-recyclable waste on the other.  Because of the compacting mechanism, the stations hold 5 times the amount of waste as a normal trash can.

Made in the USA, the units are constructed of recycled aluminum and recycled plastic car bumpers.  Protective hockey glass covers the solar collectors.  The internal workings are powered by a motorcycle battery and a Harley Davidson chain.

Previously, waste was collected 3 times a week.  Now, with the fullness status of each station available via the Internet, we can tell with a quick glance which units need emptying.  The average collection time for these locations has been reduced from 2 days to 12 days.

The City of Inverness is pleased with the manpower savings and reducing the carbon footprint on the environment is extremely satisfying as well.  Hopeful these same kind of results continue, it would not be surprising to find the units at other locations in the City in the not too distant future.