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Neighbors tire of tires | News

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Neighbors tire of tires

Homosassa, Florida - When his neighbor started piling up tire after tire in her backyard, at first Scott Holland could joke about it.  

"I said, if you have over 100 tires in your yard, you must be a redneck. I thought it was funny, but they kept coming and they kept coming," says Holland, looking at the hundreds of stacked tires.

So now the towers of tired treads no longer elicit twitters. Holland says they're an assault on the senses, both sight and smell. "When it rains-holy mackerel the smell is just awful," Holland says with a look of disgust.

A Citrus County Mosquito Control officer says the tires with standing water inside are also a perfect breeding ground for the Asian Tiger mosquito. The container-breeder is not known to carry diseases like West Nile Virus, but, even in the middle of the day they swarm and neighbors aren't exactly slap happy. Holland says, "We're getting eaten up."

So what are all the tires doing there? The property owners, Mark and Theresa Nicosia, were not home on Thursday when 10 News knocked on their door.  But neighbors say Theresa has told them the tires are intended for tire art, an explanation they found laughable.

"She said she was going to cut them up with a chef's knife," Bob D'Aiuto says with a chuckle.

The head of the Citrus County Code Enforcement Department tells 10 News that the tires are a violation and a hearing has been scheduled for October 17.

FWC's environmental crimes unit has also issued a misdemeanor citation.

Officials from both agencies say the tires create a health hazard and must be removed. 

For neighbors, that can't come soon enough- because they're tired of the tires.