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Animal rights activist pleads guilty to trespass | News

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Animal rights activist pleads guilty to trespass

DETROIT (AP/Detroit Free Press) - A Florida animal-rights activist charged with posting harassing messages directed at a Detroit researcher who works with dogs has pleaded guilty to trespassing.

The Wayne County prosecutor's office says that Camille Marino of Wildwood, Florida, will be sentenced Dec. 5.

Marino also pleaded guilty Monday to unlawfully posting a message with aggravating circumstances.

Marino, 47, was arrested in May on WSU's campus after she chained herself to the undergraduate library doors.

She had been banned from campus following a series of graphic blog posts about Donal O'Leary, a WSU medical school professor, that included descriptions of how he should die and the publishing of his home address and phone number.

O'Leary was granted a personal protection order from Wayne County courts ordering Marino to remove his home address and phone number from her blog posts.

Marino's first blog post about O'Leary was Oct. 22, 2011. Titled, "Donal O'Leary: Federally-Funded Sadist Tortures Shelter Dogs to Death at Wayne State," it included his home address and phone number, along with his WSU e-mail address, phone number and address.

The same day, she sent O'Leary an e-mail at his WSU address that included a link to her blog, court records show.

"I hope you never have another peaceful night's sleep. ... I hope you wake up in a cold sweat every time you hear a creek in your blood-money mansion," the e-mail said. "Mostly, I hope you die a slow painful death comparable to those you forced your victims to endure. Please don't interpret this as a threat. It's merely my most fond wishes for you."

O'Leary's personal protection order was granted Oct. 31 and bars Marino from posting O'Leary's home information. It was served to her in Florida on Nov. 3.

Hours after being served, Marino republished O'Leary's home information, records show.

"You are a war criminal," that post said. "Laws that protect you at the expense of the innocent are unjust and are, therefore, null and void."

At a preliminary court hearing in June, O'Leary testified Marino's words frightened him and his family. Calling the e-mail a "demented missive, " O'Leary read parts of it in court, starting with the title "Welcome to Your Nightmare, " and a reference to Freddy Krueger, a movie character that stalks and kills.

The e-mail included threats to strap O'Leary down and cut off his limbs with rusty saws, rip his teeth out one-by-one with pliers and pound them into his skull, crack his testicles "like walnuts" and feed his limbless body to starving dogs.

Marino argued the posts and email were federally protected free speech and not stalking. She also said she never intended to act on the violence she described in the email.