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Girl in mower accident improving and asking questions | News

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Girl in mower accident improving and asking questions

Tampa, Florida -- The latest photograph of Ireland Nugent in the hospital shows her heavily bandaged, yet smiling and playing with her father. They are riding a toy train.

And according to family spokesman, Pastor Dennis Reid, on Friday Ireland's mother fielded tough questions from her little girl.

Reid described the conversation like this. "Ireland said, 'Are my legs okay?' and mom said, 'No, they're not fine,' and she (Ireland) said, 'What's happening?' and her mother replied 'We're going to get you some new legs,'" and Reid says Nicole Nugent went on to explain that her new legs would be like "Mr. Steve's".

Nicole was referring to Steve Chamberland, the founder of the group 50 Legs, which has promised to provide Ireland with prosthetics as she grows. And according to Reid, Ireland seemed satisfied with that answer.

In the meantime, cards, letter, and donations continue to flow in from people touched by Ireland's story. "Massachusetts, Inverness, Hernando," says Reid, going through a stack of letters received at Trinity Presbyterian.

And in light of the tragedy in Boston, Reid says the responses from everyday people wanting to help a little girl should give us all a bit of hope. 

"I guess I'm the optimist," says Reid. "I believe at the heart of people is love and compassion and caring."

Doctors don't know yet when Ireland will be able to go home. On Saturday, she's scheduled to be sedated, so that doctors can clean her wounds.

If you'd like to donate or send a message to the Nugent family, you can do that through Trinity Presbyterian. For information click here.