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Citrus homeowner ordered to remove hundreds of tires | Weird

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Citrus homeowner ordered to remove hundreds of tires

Homosassa, Florida - In September, 10 News told you how Scott Holland and Rita Huggins were tired of all their neighbor's tires. When loaded trailers first started rolling in they could joke.

"You got more than a hundred tires in your backyard you must be a redneck. I thought it was funny, but they kept coming and kept coming," Holland told 10 News last month.

But no one's laughing now, because now nearly a month later, all those tires - hundreds of them - remain. 

"It makes me angry," says Holland's partner Rita Huggins. "It looks like a dump."

Besides the eyesore, the couple and others in the neighborhood are also dealing with the millions of mosquitoes hatched in the standing water trapped by the tires. 

"The longer it goes, the more mosquitoes we're going to get," says Bob D'Aiuto, who lives across the street.

So what's the county doing about the towers of tread?

On Wednesday, there was a code enforcement hearing. The property owners, Mark and Theresa Nicosia, did not show up but the code compliance officer testified he had reached Theresa by phone.

"All the tires out back, she was going to do some sort of artwork with it, she then said...that the tires were actually there to plug holes in the fence for her dogs, and then right before hanging up, she said she was storing them for a friend," officer Claude Lawrence told the Special Magistrate.

Special Magistrate Michele Lieberman then gave the property owners 60 days to remove the tires. After that, fines of $250 a day kick in.

People complaining about the rubber rubbish say any action is welcome, still for them, 60 days is a long time and it seems in the case of these tires, the wheels of enforcement turn slowly. 

"These tires have been here long enough," says Huggins. "It is absolutely frustrating," adds D'Aiuto.

There is also a criminal investigation into the tires. In September, FWC officers issued Theresa Nicosia a misdemeanor citation. But 10 News checked with the State Attorney's office and found out that Nicosia failed to attend her arraignment hearing and that a warrant is out for her arrest.