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County steps in to revitalize rec center | Community Spirit

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County steps in to revitalize rec center
County steps in to revitalize rec center

Beverly Hills, FL -- The Beverly Hills Recreation Center is getting a facelift!

At the request of the Beverly Hills Recreation Association, the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners officially took over the Beverly Hills Recreation Center on Wednesday, Oct 26.

The County says they are excited to step in with vigor to revitalize and give a fresh look to the Beverly Hills Recreation Center.  County maintenance crews immediately began a comprehensive beautification campaign on Thursday, Oct 27.

County forces will initiate a much welcomed thorough clean up of the nearly 37-acre site. The goal is to immediately bring the grounds to their previous glory.

Other planned activities will include:

  • a comprehensive survey and inventory of all infrastructure
  • establish a contractual mowing services for routine mowing of all improved areas
  • utilize “in-house” services for herbicide application around buildings, trees, walkways and other structures
  • “in-house” services for exterior building cleaning and general maintenance and initiate a survey to identify potential improvements to building and infrastructure for long term viability.

Citrus County plans on developing a Stewardship Agreement with the community groups to identify potential needs and projects desired by area residents and groups.

The County is convinced this moderately large project will restore community pride in the recreational amenities, and looks forward to highlighting a diamond in the rough.