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Citrus homeowner ordered to remove hundreds of tires

Homosassa, Florida - In September, 10 News told you how Scott Holland and Rita Huggins were tired of all their neighbor's tires. When loaded trailers first started rolling in they could joke.

"You got more than a hundred tires in your backyard you must be a redneck. I thought it was funny, but they kept coming and kept coming," Holland told 10 News last month.

Woman sues sheriff's office over roadside strip search

Inverness, Florida -- A woman is suing the Citrus County Sheriff's Office, claiming she was strip searched in front of her children along the side of the road.

The lawsuit filed August 3rd by Leila Tarantino claims she was pulled over in Beverly Hills back in July of 2011. Her 1 and 4-year-old children were in the car with her at the time.

READ: Strip search lawsuit against the Citrus County Sheriff's Office (PDF)

Best/Worst Pet Paparazzi pic yet! (Warning: It may offend)

Best/Worst Pet Paparazzi pic yet! (Warning: It may offend)

"Bruno thinks he's a man...a man with no manners but still a man", says his owner Tony Jimenez of Lutz.

Tony submitted this Pet Paparazzi pic to our 10 News Morning Show crew and it was the talk of the newsroom Monday afternoon.

While maybe not in the best taste, this should undoubtedly brighten everyone's day for a brief moment...and who doesn't deserve a good laugh?!

Check out our other Pet Paparazzi pics below:

Pet Paparazzi: First Edition

Fake agent pulls over car to search for terrorists

Hudson, Florida -- A man claiming he worked for the Department of Defense was arrested after he pulled over a car with an Ontario license plate while seeking out terrorists.

According to the arrest report, around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, 73-year-old Joseph Tarochione pulled the car over in the Calendar Girls Strip Club parking lot on U.S. 19 and told the driver he would not let him go, because he wanted to have the car checked for bombs.

Son refuses traffic stop, only takes orders from dad

Hernando, Florida - A Citrus County man wound up behind bars Sunday for refusing to pull over for a traffic stop, despite a 4-mile chase by two deputies with flashing lights and blaring sirens.

Marcus Koller, 22, of Hernando was clocked doing 50 in a 35 mile an hour zone on U.S. 41, and was quickly followed by a Citrus County Sheriff's deputy. Koller didn't stop, the sheriff's office said. He turned on his blinkers and kept driving.

Gators escape farm into neighborhood

Hernando, Florida-- Fish and Wildlife officers report as many as 8 alligators are missing after a total of 17 escaped under a fence from a gator farm in Citrus County.

Photo Gallery: Gators on the loose

The farm is located just a few hundred feet from the Fairview Estates neighborhood in the city of Hernando. Residents there were told to be on guard for unexpected gator sightings.

The owner of the farm was charged with not properly caring for the alligators and voluntarily gave up his license. It's believed the alligators are likely hungry and in need of water and may take refuge in neighborhood swimming pools, since there are no nearby ponds or lakes in the immediate area.     

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